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Ranger Guard – Armed Security Officers , Security Patrol , Unarmed Guards

Austin Security Services


Ranger Guard - Armed Security Officers , Security Patrol , Unarmed Guards


1917 David St
Austin Texas 78705
United States


+1 737-300-6776

"Ranger Guard and Investigations is a Texas Owned and Operated Security Guard Company in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, TX. Our President and Founder is a senior executive in the security industry with 15 years of experience working for Israel's secret service. Contact us 24/7 for armed and unarmed security, mobile patrol services, loss prevention, gate guards, special events and more. Security systems and other technologies are often relied upon, but nothing can replace a person who is always on the lookout. Ranger Guard Security can handle any situation and keep you safe on site with its patrol services in Austin. The patrol service in Austin has the most competent and qualified officers for your security needs."


About Austin

Austin is the capital city of the U.S. state of Texas, as well as the seat and most populous city of Travis County, with portions extending into Hays and Williamson counties. Incorporated on December 27, 1839, it is the 10th-most-populous city in the United States, the fourth-most-populous city in Texas, and the second-most-populous state capital city. It has been one of the fastest growing large cities in the United States since 2010. Downtown Austin and Downtown San Antonio are approximately 80 miles (129 km) apart, and both fall along the Interstate 35 corridor. Austin is the southernmost state capital in the contiguous United States and is considered a Beta-level global city as categorized by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.As of 2021, Austin had an estimated population of 964,177, up from 961,855 at the 2020 census.



Client Reviews

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Lisa Riley

Austin Security Guard

We have used Ranger Guard in Austin for quite some time. The security Patrol fee is fair, and service is top notch. The security guard company and its owner are very accommodating, guards are very friendly and professional. The people in my workplace feel very safe with there security Patrol team on site. We have the upmost confidence in this security guard company and recommend this company to anyone who needs professional security services that they can trust at a reasonable rate.

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James Black

Security Guard

I wanted to compliment our Security staff for a job well done. There are always two security guards holding the doors for us as we leave at the end of each workday. Yesterday, one guard noticed a man coming across the parking lot towards the building and asked the other security guard to watch him as I went to my car, which was parked on the row by the street. As soon as the man coming across the lot saw the security guard coming towards him, he turned around and left the parking lot. The security guard stayed right there until I got in my car and drove off the lot. Although the incident may have been nothing, these two security guards were very observant and made me feel very safe.

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Jozef Pawlak

Security Company

Our company has been doing business with Ranger Guard for years. They have been extremely accommodating and professional at all times. We don’t know what we would do without their services (and our guards). I would be happy to give them a recommendation any time!

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Milan Sobczak

Austin Security

Our company has been doing business with Ranger Guard for years. They have been extremely accommodating and professional at all times. We don’t know what we would do without their services (and our guards). I would be happy to give them a recommendation any time!

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Bogumil G

security service

Our community uses Ranger Guard, and we are thankful to have them! I am the manager at the community, and they are prompt on sending our nightly reports to me every. single. day! Their sales reps are always available to help with my questions, and have brainstormed ideas with me multiple times :)

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Haslon Stephen


I have several business that require 24/7 security, but I am constantly away and cannot manage this myself or spend the time on the phone trying to book with old school security companies. Ranger Guard has made me so much more efficient. All I do is book on the app, set it and forget it. Their guards are all background checked and most have served our country in the past (one guard I booked was formely in the marines). Reliable and trustworthy. Highly recommend.

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Bryan Perry


Great time working with this team of professionals, amazing customer service. Perfectly able to do the job right, steve is the man to talk to in order to get the job done right. Worked with Signal before this and honestly completely different feels to the company flow. Feels great to have a person who

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Bartek Szczudło

professional security

David and his team are a great group of guys that provide peace of mind for the community.

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Christy McManus

recommended guard service

Super professional company . They provide security services for my office building they have helped eliminate the homeless that had set up a encampment in our parking lot our guard Miguel is just amazing he is always vigilant , Courteous and professional at all times . Always going that extra mile to make everyone feel safe . Ranger Guard has helped with our homeless issues significantly . We constantly have our account manager checking in with us and making recommendations. Thank you Ranger Guard for the wonderful job you guys do . The only people I trust !

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Dorine Danis

security business

Working at a Homeless Shelter has its ups and downs.... It is an empowering job to house the homeless but, at times it gets rough...... Until recently we had to hire a new Security Company and already had gone through numerous Guards to no Avail... I won

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Kimberly Thomas

best security company

Ranger Guard Has been a huge asset to our company. We hired Ranger Guard Security while our building was under construction and remodeling. During this time there have been multiple attempts by intruders trying to vandalize our building but luckily we had Ranger Guard on site. They have been very vigilant and quick to take pictures and videos of the intruders for evidence. Ranger Guard has saved me so much money from potential damages to our building. They are worth every penny. They are an elite security company and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for security.

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Freda Mills

recommended security company

My NGO used Ranger Security Guards for an evening event. The two guards were extremely professional, kind and attentive while on patrol. I would absolutely use this company again. Very dedicated people and active guards Highly recommend!

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Carol Fisher

guards near me

Ranger Guard and Investigations did a great job helping us at our business. We were dealing with a criminal trespasser, and the Ranger guard on site actually had to deal with this guy. Most security companies are used to showing up and never running interference. They handled themselves extremely well. Not only that, but their owner came out to the property with their top lieutenant on our first day to make sure the trespasser knew we meant business. Additional, the owner would. stop by after the first day and make sure and check on the situation. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone.

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Bernard Arnold

security guards

My second time hiring a security guard from Ranger Guard. I

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Carla Cooper

event security guards

We had a thief in our apartment. But luckily, Ranger Guard caught the thief and eased our worries. Kuddos! Thank you so much for keeping us safe

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Dianne Perkins

asset security

Leaving 5 stars for all the efforts and kindness that Ranger Guard team extended to secure our assets! Thank you also Officer smith!

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Irene Kelly

school security company

They are so understanding and professional. Guards are neat and active

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Eunice Mills

complex security

Ranger Guard is amazing , they are always there for you when you need them.

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Shelia Hamilton

24/7 security guard

We hired Ranger Guard for our company

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Kathy Lowe

security officer

Beyond thankful cos Officer Claycomb of Ranger guard just saved our child from the intruders. If the Officer isn

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